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Academy Charter

Our Commitment to your Child

  • To build your child’s confidence in their ability to do well at dancing
  • To set challenging but attainable targets for your child
  • To provide a safe, secure and fun environment for each child in our care
  • To respect the views of your child
  • To teach your child the RAD & ISTD Syllabuses where appropriate.
  • To provide, when appropriate, the parents with a watching day during the first week of the month (holidays and shows excepted)
  • To advise you immediately of any concerns we have in respect of your child’s progress or behaviour

Your Child’s Commitment to us

  • To listen carefully to what is said & speak when it is appropriate to do so
  • To respect and consider the views of others and always act safely
  • To arrive promptly, get changed & warm up before the start of lessons
  • To not eat, drink or chew gum during classes
  • To ask permission to go to the toilet (and to go with a teacher or parent if under 9 years) and to ensure you sign the board at the exit
  • To move around main part of the building with respect and only in pairs and not to damage any school or building property
  • To wear the appropriate school uniform
  • To attend classes regularly


Your Commitment to us

  • To support and encourage your child in their dancing
  • To ensure your child is dressed in the appropriate uniform and their hair is in the appropriate style
  • To inform us if your child has any relevant medical condition / allergy
  • To inform us if there is any change to your detail
  • To pay for your child’s lessons on the first Saturday of the month (Please Note: payments are due even if your child is absent, the only exception is if the school is closed or your child is in hospital – late payment fees may be charged for persistent late payments)
  • To contact us if you have any concerns about your child’s progress
  • To give a month’s notice if you are leaving or stopping classes (no refunds apply)