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Pre-School DANCE

These foundation movement classes are for both boys and girls. Encorporating a mix of both ballet and tap in each class, the children form and develop basic locomotor movements in a playful and imaginative manner. We accept children from the age of 3 although we have accepted children earlier if they are confident and happy in class. More information available here.

free work/ show work classes

These classes are all about performance. Our teachers plan the content of every class and so no two classes are the same. Every two years the children have the option to perform in our school show. 

Examination Classes

Although examination classes may sound quite daunting and strict, we are here to bust the myth. Examination classes are proven to safely and efficiently provide your child with the best dance education in the UK. They have the same atmosphere as any of our other classes and students form friends for life.  We follow the syllabuses from the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance Examination. 

Acro Classes

One of our most popular classes is Acrobatic dance, or as many people call it Acro. This class combines dance technique with acrobatic elements. Due to it’s physically demanding movments, these classes build on strength, control and flexibility.   

Adult Classes

We have classes for adults of all abilities, including Ballet, Tap and Zumba.  Come along and see, you will really enjoy it!